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Posted on 05/21/2014 in Suggestion Programs

Employee Suggestion Programs

suggestion-idea.jpgCan a Suggestion Program benefit your company?

The main purpose of an employee suggestion program is to encourage employees to develop ideas and suggestions that identify and offer solutions to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, reduce costs, or create a safer work environment.

Do employee idea programs work? In a recent study of the 100 best managed companies, many reported the major contributions employees made to their success through ongoing Employee Suggestion Programs. They quickly review and implement thousands of employee suggestions every year. Employees want to make a difference, and the Suggestion Program gives them the voice they need.

Getting Started: If you are thinking about starting a new Employee Suggestion Program, the following are very important elements to its success.

Topics in this article:

  • Establish an Employee Suggestion Review team
  • Designate an Owner/Administrator of your program
  • Points to cover when you announce your employee idea program
  • Define what a good suggestion looks like
  • Encourage submissions from individuals and Teams
  • Define how the Suggestion Review Team will communicate
  • Clearly Define the Rewards for Approved Suggestions
  • How can Select-Your Gift help with awards?

Establish an Employee Suggestion Review team

The team’s mission is to review every employee’s suggestion and acknowledge the receipt of each within a few days. The team should not be all managers, and should include members from many different departments. If the review team approves a suggestion, it will advance to senior management for final approval.

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