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Posted on 05/07/2024 in Onboarding Employees

Strategic Employee Onboarding Tips

Onboarding EmployeesEffective onboarding programs are essential for fostering a productive and motivated workforce. They don't need to be elaborate or costly. The key is in how you welcome and integrate employees into your organization.

George Brant, in a Forbes article "Take Onboarding Seriously," emphasizes that the level of employee engagement you achieve is a direct result of your onboarding process.

He advocates for direct communication and emotional connections to inspire commitment and contribution from new hires.

Here's some practical tips and ideas to enhance your onboarding strategy:

  • Make it formal - At the executive level, involve top leaders such as the CEO to welcome your new hires. An invitation to a dinner or reception can set a positive tone and show that management is actively engaged from the start. Continuing this level of involvement is crucial throughout the employee’s initial experiences and daily interactions.
  • Know Your New Associates and Keep It Personal - Managers should play an active role in the career development of each new employee. By understanding each person's career aspirations and providing regular communication, managers can boost productivity and satisfaction. This personalized approach ensures that new hires feel valued and understood.
  • Peer Mentorship - Assigning a mentor from among the more experienced peers is an excellent way to help new employees feel at ease and quickly acclimate to their new environment. Mentors can provide invaluable advice on the day-to-day operations and clarify what is expected, making the transition smoother.
  • Show Appreciation - Simple gestures like handwritten notes, verbal praise, and small tokens such as pens, pins, and key rings can make a significant impact. Consider implementing short-term milestone awards at three, six, and twelve months to celebrate early achievements and reinforce your company’s commitment to employee recognition.

Include gifts within your onboarding strategy. Short-term milestone awards do not need to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts. Within our Employee Service Anniversary Award Program, we offer low cost tier-level based catalog award packets for "early service recognition". Each award gives the recipient a choice of their own onboarding gift.

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