Workplace Engagement is the Secret to Happiness

Posted on 02/07/2017 in Employee Engagement

Being Fully Engaged is the Secret to Happiness

Can it be possible that being fully engaged, that is - being all-in, whatever you're doing, is really the Secret to Happiness?

Life is short, and there is so much for you to accomplish and grow as a person. Finding the key can be very rewarding and bring you much joy.

Let's explore this important life-changing idea.

secret-to-happiness-lg.jpgWe are often encouraged to be fully engaged in whatever we’re doing. You've probably heard an employee being told, “put your shoulder into it”, or “put your back into it”, or “put your mind into it”?

The bible said it this way: …in all things, put all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind into it.

In all these sayings, what is being asked is to be fully engaged no matter the task. To do everything, with all that is within you.

It’s similar to what happens in a car’s transmission, which is more obvious with a manual “stick” shift. With a manual transmission, the driver controls the gears and the clutch. The clutch, controlled by the driver’s foot, determines how much of the engine’s power is transferred to the drive shaft – which then turns the wheels. When the clutch is partially engaged, the clutch will slip, and only some of the force of the engine will be transferred to the wheels. However, a fully-engaged clutch will allow the full power of the engine to be transferred to the wheels.

It just like that with all of us, whether it’s in sports, in school, our personal activities, or at work. You will always be more successful when you are fully engaged and utilizing your full potential.

What does it mean to be engaged at work? It’s simply your emotional attitude when you feel committed and passionate toward your work. It means that you are engaging your heart, spirit, strength and your mind to do your best for the company.

Management's role is to enable higher levels of engagement by creating a work environment where employees have a sense of empowerment and are allowed more flexibility with how they do their work. Employee Recognition of all types is an essential management tool to help employees feel they are appreciated, and are valued contributors to the success of your mission.   

Then it's the employee's choice. An employee's loyalty and the quality of service they provide is not something that can be commanded by management.  The choice to be engaged only comes from a personal commitment. When someone takes on a new task or a new job, we want to encourage them to make a commitment to do their best with that opportunity. Their level of commitment will be obvious to all those around them, as it will be demonstrated by their actions.

Who Benefits? The simple answer: Everyone! When employees are highly engaged at work, the company will benefit in many ways, but employees also personally benefit as well.

When an employee makes a commitment to be engaged, they will find they're making a greater impact on the success of the organization. They will start feeling more connected to the company and to their peers, and their skills will grow.

Studies have shown that when employees are more engaged at work, they’ll be more interested in their work, and their stress levels will be much lower. They’ll keep focused, be more energized, work safer, and be generally happier. The great thing is that these attitudes will not stop at work. The benefits of being fully engaged will also carry over to the employee's personal life.

Important thoughts to share with your employees. 

Being successful in your work can be very rewarding and bring you much joy.

Get started by determining to be ambitious in everything you do, and set goals. While pursuing them, be sure to take time for the things that are important to you. Being ambitious is important not only for work, but for everything in your life! 

Being fully engaged in all you do is an investment that will pay you great dividends. The company you work for, as well as everything in your life benefits when you are fully engaged (all-in)!   

That's why it's really the Secret to Happiness in the Workplace!

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