Service Award Presentation for Length of Service

Posted on 04/24/2014 in Service Award Programs

Employee Service Award Presentation Tips

Presenting employee awardsTo get the most out of your Employee Service Awards, try to have the employee’s manager play a key role in presenting the award.

Take advantage of these excellent opportunities to highlight the employee's dedicated service and their recent achievements. The service award presentation will demonstrate and reinforce your company’s values.

Some companies present their Employee’s Length of Service awards with all other recognition awards during a big year end celebration. However, with so many awards for so many different reasons, the significance of length of service awards could be lost, and may not make the employee feel special.

Consider including service award presentations in your monthly meetings, where managers can recognize each person’s long service and speak of their significant accomplishments, so they’ll receive applause and recognition from their peers.

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Try to present length of service awards on, or close to the employee’s anniversary date, and do it in front of their team, department, or the entire company if possible. For added impact acknowledge all employee service award recipients again at your Christmas, or end-of-year party.

Every company is different, so when and how service anniversary awards are distributed depends on what makes the most sense for your company. Companies with fewer employees will have options that are different than larger companies, or companies with dispersed employees.

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