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Posted on 04/20/2014 in Service Award Programs

Starting a Service Award Program

Starting an Employee Service Anniversary Awards program will give management powerful opportunities to recognize and thank employees for their dedicated, loyal service.

Studies show that implementing a service award program will have a significant impact by helping to improve employee retention and build employee morale, while demonstrating how much you value your employees.

Employees make a choice to stay with your company, and their long service represents a major investment of their life. When using an employee service award program, you're not only recognizing their length of service (quantity of service), but also their achievements and contributions to your success (quality of service).

A years of service recognition program is even more important when you have a business with high turnover. If you could increase employee retention by implementing a recognition program, it could help reduce your high turnover expense.

Most companies begin recognizing service anniversaries starting at the five years milestone, but for companies with higher turnover rates, we now see recognition given at much earlier points in an employe's career. Such as at the completion of a trial period, at 3 to 6 months on the job, and when the employee completes their first year.

When an employer acts to celebrate employee service milestones, it has a very positive impact on all the employees. When a tangible award is added to the recognition, you will have created a lasting memory.

Recognizing your employee’s years of service is very easy to do, and one of the most important types of recognition programs you can implement.

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