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Posted on 05/20/2020 in Service Award Programs

Recognizing Employees with Service Award Programs 

Get the huge benefits of recognizing your employees as they reach service anniversaries. These special occasions are perfect opportunities to acknowledge employee's loyalty, dedication and significant achievements throughout their years of service.

This article provides tips and ideas for this important recognition program, and how you can easily show your appreciation with service awards.

The most powerful and cost effective way to recognize employee service is through a formal Employee Service Award Program.

When implemented correctly, the value and impact of a Service Awards Program is great, with companies seeing significant gains in morale and employee engagement.

What is an Employee Service Award?

Service Awards provide special recognition and a reward to employees when they achieve a designated service milestone.

applause-recognitionService recognition is a unique and very popular employee recognition program. It is a key component of a comprehensive employee engagement and recognition strategy.

This type of award program is usually managed by Human Resources, and provides an effective way for management to show appreciation for employee service, as well as their significant accomplishments. Many organizations make a point to tie this recognition program to their company's core values, which includes valuing and respecting their employees. 

Service Recognition usually includes a certificate of appreciation and an award catalog entitling the selection of a gift, delivered to the employee in an award presentation packet.

Preferably, the service award is given to the employee, by their manager, in formal award presentation ceremony, or if that is not practical, the award packets could mailed directly to the employees.

When possible, make the presentation of service awards as close to the employee's actual anniversary date to achieve the most impact of this recognition. If you have monthly or annual meetings, use that as an opportunity to again show your appreciation to all of the recent service award recipients in front of their peers.

The following short video provides an Overview of Select-Your-Gift's Employee Service Award Program.

Service Recognition Awards can be given for any length of employment, or tenure. Typically, service milestones or anniversaries are recognized upon completing 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service, or to give a retirement gift.

The 1 year anniversary awards are often given today as they are great opportunities to build staff morale as you show appreciation to your newer employees for their loyalty and contributions.

The perfect Service Award Gift
The ideal gift is one the employee can select for themselves. This is made possible by using a gift catalog that's included in a great looking service award presentation packet. The employer can choose the catalog's tier-level according to their budgeted amount per anniversary year.

The employee selects their reward from a large range of life-style gifts, and it's sent right to their home. Online award redemption is also provided, allowing them to see the latest - and an even larger selection of gifts, and encourages the whole family to join in the selection process. This type of awards program ensures that everyone gets a gift that matches their taste. (See actual award catalogs.)

Employee Length of Service Awards are the most meaningful and cost effective recognition program an employer can implement.

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