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Posted on 07/28/2014 in Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Trend Change

employee engagement trend The economic downturn that started in 2008 led to significant changes in employee engagement levels. With so many businesses experiencing declining sales and revenues, management had to make decisions that negatively affected engagement levels.

While some improvement in employee engagement was seen in the following year, the trend changed and fell again as even more companies continued to be challenged by the faltering economy.

With all the news about the country's worsening economic troubles, more people were worried about how to make ends meet than in previous years. This change in the mood of many employees was reflected in the mood of the US workforce in general. With this change in mood, employee engagement levels were low and falling.

A survey in 2013 showed the trended was changing. What happened?

A large survey completed during 2013 showed employee engagement levels had risen considerably. So, what were some of the key drivers of the improving trend?

Although executives and managers understood the importance of high levels of employee engagement, their attention had been refocused to simply running the business and survival. During this same time, employees started to more openly express their desire to be recognized for their efforts and contributions.

This employee engagement trend has refocused management on the need to improve and maintain employee engagement. High engagement levels are critical to a company's success, and even more so in tough economic times. Today, more organizations than ever are using employee recognition as a key driver in their strategic plans to improve engagement by rewarding people according to their contributions.

One of the most important things organizations can do is to express appreciation for their employees, and to provide lots of recognition. Recognize and reward their special efforts, achievements, and contributions, and provide meaningful employee anniversary gifts as part of a Service Award Program. These programs will help management foster a positive work environment and improve employee engagement trends. Feeling happier and appreciated, employees are much more willing to go the extra mile to help your company succeed.

Your company's performance, profitability, and even survival depends on engaged employees.

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