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Posted on 12/18/2014 in Employee Retention

Employee Retention Ideas - Strategy

Employee retention ideasThe employment scene has shifted and long-term loyalty between employers and employees can no longer be taken for granted. Management needs to implement an employment retention strategy to improve retention.

Just as workers must strive ever harder to prove their worth, managers need to explore new ideas for employee retention to hang on to their winning staff.

Here's a strategy and some ideas to help improve employee retention:

One proven strategy is to offer incentives that employees really want, reports Matt Straz, CEO of human resources and payroll platform Namely, in an article at Entrepreneur.com

A study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development found that after salary, one of the top ideas for employee retention is to motivate and recognize them with something they want.

Stratz describes how, in the past, companies might have offered cell phones, travel reimbursements, or coffee and sodas in the break room. The study noted that many organizations also try to offer “fun” rewards - by hosting company picnics or even allowing employees to bring their pets to work.

However, in today’s modern workforce, retention incentives have moved more toward awards of the employee's choice. Because each company and team is different, the incentives and recognition awards you offer should be too. Select-Your-Gift helps by offering a variety of employee retention programs that allow your employees to select awards they really want. Start using employee retention strategies today and hold onto your best talent.

If you want to make perfect awards part of your employee motivation and retention strategy, Select-Your-Gift can help. They'll review your requirements and help you choose the best employee recognition options for your business.

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