Employee Thank You Gifts | Ways to Thank Employees

Posted on 12/20/2014 in Spot Recognition, Employee Engagement

Thanking Employees helps improve engagement

Employee Recognition AwardThanking Employees is an important part of your overall Recognition Strategy. Everybody likes to be thanked, and the people that work for you are no different.

See this sample of a Spot Award Card themed for You're a Shinning Star. Good for one gift of their choice! It's the perfect way to say thanks for doing a great job!

Here's some ways we can help make saying Thanks very easy.

Thanking employees regularly and publicly for their special efforts and accomplishments is a great way to improve engagement levels, according to Forbes contributor William Arruda, in 10 Ways to Determine if Your Team is Engaged.

Arruda reminds business owners and managers that strategic branding begins from the inside out. Engagement is at the core of every successful brand strategy, and engaging those who work for you is the first wave. To help engage your staff,  thank them often, and always be thinking of different ways to do it.

Select-your-Gift makes it easy to say Thank You with easy-to-use solutions that provide employees with a gift of their choice, in price ranges that fit your budget.

Consider thanking employees with either Spot-Award Cards themed for Thank-You and Great Job, or for more formal appreciation, use Award Presentation Gift Catalog packets. Each option allows award recipients to select their own gift from the tier-level collection you provide them.

For more information on customizable Thank You gifts for employees, see Select-Your-Gift’s many Employee Recognition Options.

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