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Posted on 05/19/2014 in Safety Programs and Awards

Successful Safety Programs

Safety-card.gifCreate Employee Safety Programs that work!

Providing employees with awards to encourage safe behavior in the workplace is a successful technique used by many companies to improve and maintain safety records.

A safety program, along with great awards is critical to having a healthy, safe and enjoyable work environment.

Accidents happen on the job regularly and can cause severe injuries costing companies billions of dollars a year. Implementing an effective safety incentive program to help reduce or prevent workplace injuries is a top priority on a manager’s agenda. Creating a safety incentive programs that rewards employees for proactive behaviors can provide financial returns in a big way.

Designing a safety incentive program that really works and motivates your employees requires a solid plan, a good budget. It will also need safety incentive gifts that will bring excitement to the employees who receive them. Select-Your-Gift’s Safety Awards Program offer various solutions that will help you achieve your company’s safety goals which could lead to a decrease in accidents and help improve your company’s bottom line.

As you start planning, you'll need to decide on the frequency of the rewards.

More frequent (and smaller) individual rewards are extremely useful as motivators. These Safety Recognition Award Programs provide quick and positive feedback to encourage and reward changes in a person's behavior.

Select-Your-Gift can help you implement a points-based incentive program, using a full function online system, or a lowest-cost "off-line" points-based employee safety program. (see more about Point-based programs)

Less frequent (and possibly larger) rewards are given at the end of each month, quarter, or annually. These are often used when rewarding individuals or teams for their contribution to the overall success of your Safety Program.

For employee safety programs, the best awards are Select-Your-Gift's Employee Gift Catalog award packets. These safety awards provide the employee safety program administrator the flexibility to choose from many different price levels for each defined safety achievement - while allowing the recipient to choose their own gift.

Award Packets can be customized with your safety recognition message, and include safety themed stationary and closing seals. With each, employees can choose a gift from a large collection of life style safety incentive gifts.

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