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Posted on 03/23/2016 in Employee Recognition

The ABCs of Employee Recognition

The US Department of Labor tracks all turnover rates, and one of the components of this measurement is the number of quits. These are voluntary separations initiated by the employee, and serve as a measurement of worker’s willingness to leave their jobs. In 2014, this rate has again increased slightly from the levels seen in 2013. Below, the importance of employee recognition is explained.

Why are almost 2 million people quitting their jobs every month? The biggest reason cited in every study is the lack of recognizing employees.

In this time of uncertain and shifting employee loyalties, employee recognition has become a valuable tool to help change attitudes.

Here are the A, B, C’s – three reasons why you should begin or expand employee recognition programs, and see the importance of recognizing employees:

Appreciation – At its core, recognition is positive feedback that lets employees know they are valued and appreciated by their employers. Recognition reinforces and encourages work that advance company goals and values.

Business building – It has been demonstrated and well documented that recognizing employees increases productivity, enhances recruitment of desired applicants, and improves the retention of key employees – all important components in growing and strengthening your organization.

Celebration – Employee celebrations can form a core for employee recognition.  According to MIT, incorporating celebrations into your company culture boosts morale, fosters loyalty, and inspires productivity.

Customizable Recognition Award Packets with a gift of their choice, or using an online employee points program are excellent ways to appreciate staff, build morale, and celebrate employees.

Select-Your-Gift, Inc. can guide you through the process of selecting and tailoring the best program for your employee recognition needs.

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